Coolex Cooler Multi Purpose Rug

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Weight : 1.5Kg
SKU Number : BA002
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A valuable addition to any horse owner's collection. Smart enough for shows, perfectly suited for travelling or just use as a cosy stable rug. Matching neck cover is available which attaches with neat hook and loop tabs and a single buckle. This ensures a snug fit which essentially aids with the wicking process. Coolex ? a super advanced innovative triple layer fabric that ensures optimum temperatures are consistently maintained. 1. The outer layer is made from a tight knit hard wearing and virtually snag-proof blend of wool and polyacryl which offers warmth, wind resistance and durability. 2. The middle layer is a Therma-Dry filler layer which is the ultimate in thermal insulation and has superb wicking abilities. 3. The inner layer is designed for warmth and comfort even for sensitive skins. It wicks moisture away quickly towards the outer layer ensuring the horse does not become chilled. The use of Coolex rugs are endless ? smart enough for shows, perfectly suited for travelling, as a warm cosy stable rug and totally practical for every day use. The innovative design of the Coolex fabric ensures excellent shape retention properties which will help prolong the life of your rug

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