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Sizing Chart

Sizing Guide

Measure your horse, the fit is very important. Too tight creates constant discomfort which could result in runs or sores. Too large lets in draughts and wet.

All are available in a range of sizes in 3" rises as shown in the chart below

Inches Feet cm
51 4'3" 129.54
54 4'6" 137.16
57 4'9" 144.78
60 5' 152.40
63 5'3" 160.02
66 5'6" 167.64
69 5'9" 175.26
72 6' 182.88
75 6'3" 190.50
78 6'6" 198.12
81 6'9" 205.74
84 7' 213.36
87 7'3" 220.98




Rug Measurements






Rug Size (Feet)

Rug Size (cm)

Horse Height (Hands)



Under 9 hands



9.0 to 10.2h



10.2 to 12.0h



12.0h to 12.2h



12.2h to 13.2h



13.2h to 14.0h



14.0h to 14.2h



14.2h to 15.0h



15.0h to 15.2h



15.2h to 16.0h



16.0h to 16.2h

6'9 207 16.2 to 17.0h


Heavyweight Rugs

Mark Todd Heavyweight Turnout Rugs

If you’re looking for a way to keep your horse warm and cosy during the colder months, you need mt_hw_to_250_01look no further than Mark Todd Heavyweight Turnout Rugs. Designed and developed exclusively by Olympian horse rider Mark Todd, these rugs are a superb choice for anyone who wants to deck their horse out in only the very best equestrian gear and accessories. We all know how tough the winter can be on horses, which is exactly why these Mark Todd Heavyweight Turnout Rugs have been designed to protect against the elements, flies and insects, debris and much more.

The key features of Mark Todd Heavyweight Turnout Rugs

The thick polyester lining and heavyweight filling of these rugs is ideal for keeping a horse warm no matter what the weather is like. The material is completely waterproof and highly breathable, too – so your horse will stay dry and comfortable whenever they’re wearing one of these Mark Todd Heavyweight Turnout Rugs. Along with all of this, these rugs also have adjustable shoulder gussets, double front buckles, an adjustable belly flap, anti-rub shoulders, and even storage compartments for carrying small items and other equestrian accessories. Overall, any of the Mark Todd Heavyweight Turnout Rugs is a highly versatile and practical choice for any horse rider.

Why choose a Mark Todd Heavyweight Turnout Rug?

Along with all of the features you’ve seen above, there’s also the fact that these rugs have been designed, developed, and approved by world-class horse rider Mark Todd. The range of equestrian gear and products actually extends much further than just horse rugs, but if you are looking for a handy way to keep your horse safe and comfortable during the colder months of the year, you really can’t go wrong with Mark Todd Heavyweight Turnout Rugs. They’re also available in a number of colours and designs, meaning that all tastes are catered for. Each design is modern and stylish, and is sure to make your horse look great when they’re out on the field.

The best of the best

Don’t settle for any less than Mark Todd Heavyweight Turnout Rugs. Your horse deserves the best, and the Mark Todd range offers just that. Any one of the Mark Todd Heavyweight Turnout Rugs is ideal for any horse, and the price is right too. So not only are these rugs practical and stylish, they’re also very affordable too. And as well all know, you can’t put a price on your horse’s comfort – but you don’t want to be breaking the bank. The Mark Todd range offers the perfect balance. So what are you waiting for? If you’re still wondering whether or not the Mark Todd Heavyweight Turnout Rugs are a good choice for you, just try one out. You may be surprised at just how comfortable and easy to wear they are for your horse, especially with the adjustable flaps and buckles – plus you won’t need to worry about the biting cold of winter or the biting of flying insects ever again!